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I’m an intuitive business coach, podcast host, and owner of Girlboss Designer – a branding + web design agency serving women entrepreneurs.




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Scaling Beyond Your 1:1 Services

If you’re like me, you started your online business for more freedom!

The freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want, to do what you love and to call the shots. The freedom to design a lifestyle you love and have a business that compliments it, instead of working your life around your job.

So you start your business offering a skill you already have as a 1:1 service. For me it was graphic design, which then turned into branding + website design. Maybe it’s the same for you – or maybe it could be copywriting, photography, virtual assistant services, marketing, consulting – there are so many little services niches out there these days!

Whatever it is that you offer as a service in your business – you launched it, figured out the whole online business work and how to get clients consistently – and now your schedule is looking prettttty full. It’s a HUGE accomplishment and you should definitely be proud of how far you’ve come!

But here is the things… while you’re grateful to be booked with clients – your life isn’t matching that freedom lifestyle you had imagined. Sure you can work from home and that’s awesome – but you’re feeling glued to your computer and work, your client boundaries are kind of all over the place, and your business is very dependent on YOU.

You’re SO READY to have more scalable offers beyond working 1:1 with your clients!

Courses that bring in money over and over again.
Being able to serve more than 1 person at a time with your offerings.
And what about this “passive income” everyone talks about?

You know WHAT you want – but things just don’t seem to be getting off the ground.

I know the feeling so well! I remember being so under water with client work and remembering all my course ideas I had. I was so frustrated at why they hadn’t happened yet, or were in process but I couldn’t follow through. I kept seeing time go by and I wasn’t getting any closer, and my income was capped because I could only take on so many 1:1 clients myself.

Then so many things changed for me with my design business Girlboss Designer – once I began focusing on my own inner work.

Today I have a small team behind me helping to serve our clients and keep everything moving alone. Instead of me playing all the roles, I can focus on what I do best (art direction, consult calls and marketing) and allow the team to handle the rest. It’s also allowed me to finally create those digital products I was dreaming of – website templates, online courses, etc.

It’s also allowed me to create my second business offering coaching and online programs to women like you through my Align & Amplify program. It felt SO GOOD to expand outside the design world into an area I have become so passionate about.

Now let’s go back to YOU and your goals to scale beyond the 1:1 services you have now.

You probably know what your options are and have ideas already. This could be in the form of a course, group program, templates etc.

The issue of not getting things off the ground is rarely that you don’t know WHAT to do – it’s that you’re getting blocked along the way.

Top 3 Reasons You’re Feeling Stuck at Moving Past 1:1

  1. Lacking confidence and second guessing yourself

You could just be lacking the confidence and second guessing yourself along the way. Are we going to waste our time creating something that’s not going to succeed? Do people even really want this, we start to second guess it, which causes our confidence level about that thing to go down.

2. Building a team to help you feels hard or hasn’t worked in the past

You need help in order for you to really move beyond you being the go to person and the one running the entire show for your business. This is just part of the process of hiring on help building a team, having people there to support you, is going to be a necessity.

3. Lack of time – time to create and time to implement

The issue is, you’re just lacking the time to create new, different things, because you’re doing all the work, probably because you don’t have a team behind you yet. And you’re just lacking the time to create and implement new things.

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