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Can You Be “Good” at Manifesting?

Have you been seeing people claim to have manifested their dream life, business, car, designer bag, trip, partner, money, etc? Wondering if these people are just better manifestors than you? Or maybe you’re still confused at exactly what manifestation even is! This is is what we’re covering in todays podcast episode.

I want to start this off with a bang and throw a big reality check out there to you about manifestation in general.


Every single thing in your life is a manifestation.

From the house you live in, to the job you have, the company you keep, and the amount of money you make. We are manifesting constantly by nature, because of the Universal Law of Attraction.

Our actions, thoughts, emotions and vibration are already attracting things of like nature – both positive things and negative things.

So the idea that someone can be “good at manifesting” isn’t exactly true – we’re all master manifestors because it’s happening all the time.

What you may perceive as someone being “good” at manifesting – just means they understand the principles of manifestation and are able use that knowledge in their favor to intentionally create more of what they desire.

I guess you could say they’re good at “intentionally manifesting” but not so much manifestation in general.

So what exactly IS manifestation anyways?

Manifestation is when something from your imagination is created in your actual reality.

Manifestation is connected through our subconscious mind – which holds our deepest beliefs, habits, and patterns.
What you believe in your subconscious mind – is what you create.

Oftentimes our deepest rooted beliefs were past down to us by parents or those around us at a young age (7yrs and under).

EXAMPLE: If you heard when you were younger that you must work hard to make money – you will create situations where you must work hard for it. You may make things harder than they need to be to “earn” that money.

If you change this belief and instill in your subconscious mind that making money is easy – you will see that show up more in your life and you will be more receptive and open to money coming to you without the effort.

It’s not necessarily what you say you want you create – it’s what you BELIEVE you create.

Manifestation isn’t about the WHEN or the HOW – the universe/God will take care of all of that for you when it’s meant to happen.

Your job is to focus on the WHAT and WHY – and then when and how will unfold as it’s meant to.


  1. You’re manifesting all the time, good and bad, according to the law of attraction (LOA).
  2. Wanting something and thinking about something isn’t enough – you must believe this is possible for you and become the energetic match for what your desires are to attract it to you.
  3. Manifestation requires action too! Your job is to focus on what WHAT and WHY – and take inspired action along the way.

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