Scale Your Creative Business

Combining a limitless mindset with the business strategy allows you to grow your creative business -  while enjoying the process and focusing more of your time and energy on what matters most.


without burning out!

Attract your 6-figures + beyond, and create your
dream lifestyle of making more by working less online.

reclaim your power

Develop a limitless Aligned & Abundant CEO Mindset -so you can grow your creative business with less hustle.

Become the energetic match to draw your desires and goals to you vs. chasing.

Create a scalable business plan that allows you to grow beyond 1:1 services into courses, digital products and add passive income.

Align your business with who you are designed to be using Human Design, so you can thrive in your business and run it in a way that feels good and natural to you.

Master your thoughts and emotions - and banish the limiting beliefs holding you back.

Develop healthy boundaries in your business to feel more calm and free every day.

Elevate your money mindset and use the manifestation process in your favor.


Align & Amplify

It's time to reclaim your power,
set yourself up to thrive in your business and attract your success.

Let's bust through those limiting beliefs holding you back from your goals and visions for the future.

Let's rewire your mindset for what you desire - and become a magnet for the success, satisfaction and peace-of-mind you crave.

You've already got the goods, talents and tools you need, let's align your business so you can amplify them.



Prioritizing ease and freedom go against the grain of how we're taught to create success.

We're taught to work harder, hustle more, grind it out, MAKE it happen. 

To follow this strategy, that method, and this way of running a business that works for the "successful" ones. 

But what if you ALLOWED yourself to build your business in way that FEELS good?

There is so much to UNLEARN as an entrepreneur if you want to build a business that's aligned with who you are.

Hustling our way to the top

Desiring and talking about money 

Allowing others to influence our vision

Reacting to our emotions

Thinking everyone else's strategies will work for us

Believing we deserve more

People pleasing and overcommitting

Taking risks and leaping before we're ready

We have to UNLEARN what we've been taught when it comes to:

It's time to shed the "old way" of creating success -

And allow yourself to receive everything you're dreaming of while enjoying the ride.

As online creative entrepreneur, we are so fortunate to have the freedom to do what we love from anywhere in the world. 

And while that freedom is incredible, you might still find yourself...

Glued to the computer all day - wishing you had more time with family and loved ones

Having a full schedule of clients BUT you're over all the 1:1 work

Doing most things in your business yourself because managing a team feels out of reach or hard

Having a list of scalable ideas of your business but you just can't seem to get them off the ground

Taking work with you on vacation because your business stops when you're not working

Feeling like the hustle life is getting OLD - you're over it

It's time to create the aligned life and business of your dreams and unleash the potential inside of you so you can:

Expand into 6-figures and beyond while working less.

Have more free time in your day away from the screens to spend time with your family and your other passions.

Be fully present during your down time and on vacations.

Enjoy slow mornings sipping your coffee or tea - instead of rushing into work.

Feel more energized, rested, motivated and inspired every day.

Be the true CEO of your business instead of the worker bee.

Working with Kristin is way more than your usual “business coach”. Kristin is one of those rare people who have the ability to see what you can’t and lead you to the solution. 

Her unique value comes from the intersection of her tremendous business acumen with deep expertise and experience in branding and marketing, lifelong investment in world-class programs led by the greatest thought leaders which she can pass on to you as a client ... and her highly intuitive, soul-driven, insightful and challenging approach. All qualities expected of an exceptional high-end business coach. 

Her Human Design profiling of how I think and behave has been eye-opening to realize what my natural tendencies are, and how to balance tapping into them as strengths whilst harnessing those that might come in the way of what I really want. This meant that I feel Kristin is one of the person that knows me the best in this world, and it uniquely places her as a wonderful business coach to guide me. 

The entrepreneurial journey can feel lonely at times, and knowing you have a partner throughout is invaluable. Beyond, she possesses an uncommon compassion, authenticity, sense of humour and deep wisdom that dramatically enrich the coaching process with her. 

I would recommend Kristin to any entrepreneur whether they are just starting or want to up their game. 

"Kristin combines the practical and business focus to build a brand, with the mindset and deep inner work." 

Charlotte N.

I've struggled for a long time to create a routine in my business and personal life that actually served me.

Kristin really helped me to get out of my head and actually focus on what NEEDS to be done so I can take clear actionable steps to move forward in my business. She helped me to switch my mindset around things that I was overthinking, and that felt difficult to accomplish to switching my mindset so that I can handle what comes at me without the overwhelm that I used to feel.

Overall, Kristin really is there for you to support & help you reach your goals with confidence. I highly recommend working with her if you want to take action and grow in your business as well as your personal goals. <3

"She helped me to switch my mindset around things that I was overthinking, so that I can handle what comes at me without the overwhelm that I used to feel." 

Sydney Y.

Kristin recently helped me A LOT with my mindset and planning some goals for my business.
I'm currently switching gears and offerings in my business and I was in need of some HELP to say the least. I could feel overwhelm creeping in and my mindset wasn't strong where I needed it to be.

Kristin used several NLP & coaching techniques that got me out of my negative mindset and overwhelm into motivation and direction. She helped me set some real easy and achievable goals which I felt excited to start implementing.

I love Kristin's easy going, fun and yet professional personality and presence. I know that I have her in my corner cheering me on and yet keeping me on track for success.

"Kristin used several NLP & coaching techniques that got me out of my negative mindset and overwhelm into motivation and direction." 

Anna H.

The thing with business (and life!)
is if a strategy, service, or approach isn’t aligned with YOU - 

You can have all the systems and training - but when things don’t feel right to your unique self - you avoid, stress and get drained.

When you're operating from a place of mis-alignment it feels so much harder and more complicated than it needs to be.

it’s not going to work in the long run.

But when things ARE aligned with you - you feel energized, excited & inspired!

That is the energy that will attract your dream clients, make you lots of money, and give you the lifestyle you’re dreaming of. 

And THAT energy is what will build your business.

What does it mean to 'be in alignment'?

Being in alignment means you're operating from a place that is in-line with your "higher self", your soul, your purpose - the true you who exists beyond all the conditioning and expectations of others.

This is your most divine, in-tune, pure, authentic and real self - the one you're naturally meant to be.

Aligned & Amplified CEO:

Trusts her intuition to guide her in making decisions and taking risks

Believes fully to her core that her goals and visions for the future are coming in perfect timing

Knows it's safe to receive- both financially and through support from others

Protects her own energy first, so she can show up for others as her best self

Is self aware and can manage any emotions and bumps that arise with grace

Prioritizes self development, knowing how much it positively impacts her business's ability to grow and thrive

Believes in an abundance of money and clients - and knows there is room for everyone

Trusts that her success is inevitable and failures are merely lessons to be learned


- Alexandra Carruthers

A wise woman knows it's never about mastering the skill.

It's about mastering


Success Centered Goal Setting

Create achievable & inspiring goals using NLP that are in alignment and work WITH your subconscious mind.

Discover the future you who's waiting to emerge and help bring these goals of yours to life.

Design your ideal weekly schedule that compliments the lifestyle you desire + create a plan to start using it.


part one

Align & Amplify



Align your business to your unique self and Amplify your income and lifestyle.

While this 6-month private coaching container is completely customized to your needs and goals - the core is based on my Signature Align & Amplify program. 

Alignment with Human Design

Learn your unique Human Design Type (your aura), Strategy (your way of navigating life), and Authority (your way of making decisions).

Discover the meaning behind your defined & undefined energy centers and plays out in your every day.

Make aligned changes in your life and business according to your human design to help you thrive.


part two

Understanding Your Emotions + Thoughts

It's time to become aware of what's really going on in that beautiful head of yours.

Understand how our emotions and thoughts works and reclaim your power over letting them run you.

Discover the limiting beliefs holding you back from what you desire in your business and life.


part three

The Aligned & Amplified CEO Mindset

Embody the traits of the Aligned & Amplified CEO - so you can grow your online business in a way that compliments your unique self so you can thrive on your way to success.

Increase your ability to allow & receive support in your business - so you are no longer the bottle next to everything in your business.


part four

Becoming the Energetic Match

One of the biggest blockers from allowing our goals to manifest is our attachement to beliefs and past events that are no longer serving us.

Release the past and install new thoughts + beliefs you actually desire that serve you in reaching your goals.


part five

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Discover which boundaries you are lacking in these key areas: clients, communication, time, emotional.

Create a plan for what changes need to be made in how you operate to respect the boundaries you want.

Begin implementing these boundaries immediately and enjoy the every day benefits!


part six

Align Your Business

Uncover what's working well and what's NOT working in your business in the day-to-day.

Use the free to focus method to reorganize how you spend your time and what you spend it on.

Decide what needs to change to align your business with your values.


part seven

Amplify Your Business

Review week 1 goals & make adjustments with your new limitless mindset.

Create an actionable and scalable action plan to grow your business beyond yourself with your new Aligned & Amplified CEO Mindset.

Celebrate the NEW YOU!


part eight


6 Months of High Level Intuitive Mindset + Business Coaching

Bi Weekly 60 Minute Coaching Calls

Weekday VIP Voxer access for extra accountability and added support along the journey

Customized Hypnotherapy & NLP technique sessions to rewire your subconscious mind for your success

Access to the Align & Amplify portal - 8 Recorded modules of transformative mindset & strategy development

Access to transformation workbooks + journaling prompts inside the A&A portal

Access to hypnosis, meditation, breathwork and subliminal audios inside the A&A portal

$6500 pay in full or $1100 monthly USD

Align & Amplify



I loved the human design module, and learning about why some things work for me and others don’t. I’ve given myself more grace with things, and now allow myself to not do what I think I ‘should’ be doing, but more of what I want to do. My relationships have shifted by me allowing myself to be myself and being honest with that, flaws and all.

I feel like a weight or a veil has been lifted after the program, like I’ve finally been able to see myself from a different perspective rather than just going through motions I see others going through, thinking I need to do the same. I feel lighter and more at peace with who I am.

"I feel like a weight or a veil has been lifted after the program. I feel lighter and more at peace with who I am." 


Since the program I have properly launched the coaching side of my business, created a couple of courses, streamlined my onboarding process and hired one part-time VA. 

Now most of the time I feel much more optimistic and excited to CREATE things in my business- I see it a fun experiment that I can do whatever I want with! I was pleasantly surprised at the balance between personal growth/ intuitive technique and more tangible business coaching. Loved that!  

"I was pleasantly surprised at the balance between personal growth/ intuitive technique and more tangible business coaching. Loved that!" 


Before A&A I just thought there are so many designers, why should anybody choose me? Now I have a much more abundant and positive mindset. I know the right clients will find me in the right time. 

I feel more confident and more open to deep conversations. Now I see if somebody has also achieved what I want, I can do it too. Now I know I can separate my feelings from my husband or kids. I don't overthink as much as before.

"Now I have a much more abundant and positive mindset. I feel more confident and more open to deep conversations." 


Are you ready to leave behind those patterns and habits holding you back -

And do the inner work needed to become the
Aligned & Amplified CEO you're meant to be?

What's up lady!

I'm Kristin Richards

I help women grow/scale their service-based online business with less hustle and more flow. I am all about amplifying our income and impact while also having more freedom!

I started my own entrepreneurial journey by leaving my 9-5 job as an Art Director for a women's travel accessories company in Atlanta, GA to travel around Europe solo working as a freelancer remotely. I then moved from the U.S. to Australia where I live today. Freelancing led to me launching my web design business Girlboss Designer - which I've grown from me doing "ALL the things" to an agency style business with an online template shop. 

Freeing up more of my time with a team allowed me follow where my heart was leading me toward - becoming a certified mindset + success coach to help women use their intuition to align their business with who they naturally are meant to be - so they can scale beyond themselves in a way that FEELS good!

Let me Introduce Myself