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Working WITH Your Unconscious Mind

You may have heard me getting more and more into the mindset talk on social media, in particular working with your unconscious mind.

One of the certifications I received in my recent completed coaching program is for NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. The language and programming of our minds! As an certified NLP Practitioner, we work with the unconscious mind to create big and lasting change in our client’s lives on a deeper level.

But what is your unconscious mind and why does it matter? That’s what we’re diving into in today’s episode!

What we’ll be covering in this episode:

What is your unconscious mind?

How does it work?

Why this matters?

Few tips when working with your unconscious mind

The conscious mind contains all of the thoughts, memories and feelings you are AWARE OF.

The unconscious mind contains all of the feelings, thoughts, urges and memories that are outside your awareness. It is also very connected with our habits and our behaviours – all the things we do without even realizing it.

According to cognitive neuroscientists, our unconscious makes up about 95% of our brain, and only 5% is what we’re consciously aware of.

A common analogy is the iceberg  – where what’s you see thats sticking out of the water is your conscious mind – but what’s underneath the water that is FAR larger than what’s above the surface is your unconscious mind.

So if you’re only paying attention to the conscious part of your mind – you can see how there is SO MUCH you’re neglecting, not taking into account and what you’re not using to your advantage in how you operate in your life.


  1. Information comes to it (things we see, hear, touch, etc)
  2. Our mind then deletes, distorts or generalizes this information based no our unconscious internal representations
  3. From there it creates our emotional state
  4. Which then will determine what we do (our behavior)
  5. Which equals our RESULTS

So in order to really make changes in our lives and businesses, we must go deeper to see how our unconscious mind is processing this information in step 2. Otherwise we may keep trying and trying to focus on behavioral change and get no where – because we’re not going to the ROOT of what’s really going on inside on an unconscious level.

3 Tips for working WITH your unconscious mind to get the outcomes you want:

  1. Have awareness with how you speak about others people and situations
    • Your unconscious mind takes everything personally
    • When you say negative things about others, it takes it in as it’s about you
    • When you speak highly about others, it takes it in as it’s about you
  2. Be Specific
    • Our unconscious likes to take the path of least resistance.
    • So “I want to make more money” could turn into $10 in your bank account, and it’s done its job
  3. Say it how you WANT IT
    • Your unconscious mind does not process negatives
    • If I were to say “don’t think of a blue apple” – are you now picturing a blue apple?
    • Speak how you want things to be vs. how you don’t want them to be   

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