Ambitious + Content

Powerful + Compassionate

Successful + Humble

Strong + Sensitive

Feminine + Masculine

CEO's + Mothers

I believe women can be...

I believe we can be anything we want to be.

my story

I'm here to help you expand beyond your false limitations and create lives and businesses fully aligned with who you are meant to be. 

I'm also the owner of the branding and web design agency Girlboss Designer, and host of the Create Your Destiny podcast.

I combine my own entrepreneurial experience of growing a design agency, applied knowledge of manifestation and the law of attraction - plus certifications in NLP (the language of your subsconcious mind), Human Design and Hypnotherapy to guide you on your journey to own your mindset, reclaim your power, set yourself up to thrive in your business, and attract your success.

I’m originally from California, grew up down south in Atlanta, GA, and now live WAY down south in Sydney, Australia. If you’re wondering what brought me Down Under - it was an Aussie guy I met in Atlanta who is now my husband and baby daddy.

Years ago I was living the typical 9-5 life as an Art Director and I was over it. I loved so much of the creative aspect of my job - but I was done having a "job" and working for someone else. I was ready for more freedom - to be able to travel the world and design any lifestyle I wanted.

Despite the advice of many - I followed my intuition and let my boss know about my dreams instead of asking for a raise at my yearly review. This leap of faith led me to shift from employee to freelancer and traveling throughout Europe for months on end working remotely. 

My visions of wandering the colorful streets of Spain, living like a local in Amsterdam, exploring the coast of southern France, cheersing wine throughout Italy, being dazzled by the city skyline in Hong Kong, plus so much more came true that year.

During this time I met my now husband Stephen, and took another leap of faith moved across the world to Australia for love. It's here where I launched my design business Girlboss Designer - and hit our first 10k months in the first year of business.

hey lady!

DESIGNER AND Certified mindset & success coach for creative women

I'm Kristin Richards

During my journey from solopreneur to design agency owner I discovered coaching, manifestation, subsconcious mindset work and Human Design.

I dove full force into all with fascination and curiosity - soaking up everything I learned and applying it to my own life.

Through this deeper level work I experienced massive shifts with how I felt in my business everyday - and how I set up and managed my business.

I discovered a new level of trust in myself and my journey - which allowed me to make bigger moves of bringing on employees and investing in high end masterminds and programs.

I launched Girlboss Designer as a one woman show, and have grown it into an agency where I am supported by my awesome team of women.

Scaling beyond myself has allowed me to launch our website template shop, launch a second business, take off for maternity leave with my business still serving our clients, and manage the business with a new baby working very part time hours.

Today I feel more clear, inspired, energized, at peace, & successful on my own terms. 

I now embrace who I am naturally here to be, and allow myself to be supported while growing the business and being a mother.

Now I have the pleasure of guiding creative women like you on your path to:

Owning your mindset,
reclaiming your autHentic power, thriving in your business, and attracting your success.


Owning your

Authentic Power

Reclaiming your


in your Business

& Attracting

your Success


get to know me

Sydney, Australia


Barcelona, Spain

& Biarritz, France


Greece, Croatia,India

Japan, Africa + more!


2/4 emotional projector


maxi skirt & tank


an interior designer


mexican & italian


coffee & wine

When you work with me you get access to all the knowledge I've soaked up and have put into practice from:

Copywriting for Creatives by Ashlyn Writes

Digital Course Academy by Amy Porterfield

Slay with Soul Mastermind by Hayley Tapper

Monday Hour One by The Life Coach School

Show Up & Blow Up by Sara Dann

Business by Design by James Wedmore

Manifestation Babe Academy by Manifestation Babe

Rich Babe Academy by Manifestation Babe

The Aligned Business Mastermind by Pinegate Road

Embodied by Design by Krystal Woods


I'm also certified in:

Life & Success Coaching

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Time Techniques

It's definitely had its fair share of learning experiences and hardships.

Going from Employee - to Freelancer - to Solopreneur -
to design agency owner + biz coach didn't happen overnight. 

But let's be real...

I know what it feels like to have no idea what the hell you're doing. 

To feel like you're faking it. 

To have people say no. 

To be terrified to press the "Go Live" button. 

To say yes to everything out of fear.

To not be open to accepting help.

To have no idea where my next client is coming from.

To wake up wondering how in the F am I supposed to get anything done today with all these emails?!

On the flip side, I also know what it's like to...

Breeze through consultation calls - because with experience comes confidence in my value and what I offer.

Release the scarcity mindset - and only offer services I like and only work clients who are the right fit for me.

Attract money and double my monthly income.

Hire a team and allow myself to be supported in my business.

See the impact of spending more time in my genius zone.

Set clear boundaries and release the pressure to people please.

Have my dream clients finding me on repeat.

Embody my own Human Design in my business and feel a new level of empowerment and ease.


Scale your creative business - without burn out! Create more freedom & flow with less hustle.



Attract your 6-figures + beyond, and your dream lifestyle of making more by working less online.


Are you ready to drop the constant hustle game, and grow your business in a way that's aligned with your true self?