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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging for Your Business in 2020

Should you be blogging for your business?

I would bet it’s something you’ve heard you SHOULD be doing, but you’re not really sure why.

Or maybe you’re wondering if it’s even worth the effort and time.

Or MAYBE you are just thinking – why does my business even need a blog?

If you’ve come across this episode in the earlier part of 2020 then you know we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. We are all at home way more than usual these days, and we don’t know how long this time will last. When normally you “never had the time” to focus on this piece of your business’s marketing – things might be a little different now.

Take advantage of this slower time to get in a blogging groove for your business. Oftentimes things FEEL so much harder or take more time in the beginning because we’re learning – but before we know it we are crushing it in no time.

In this episode of the Create Your Destiny podcast I’m sharing how creating content for our business’s blog will benefit you now and in the long run!

#1- It gives you more content to be sharing in your marketing.

If you’re ever stuck wondering what to share on social media (I know, it happens ALL the time!) this will automatically give you new content to be sharing! Each blog post should be shared on all of your social media channels (on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest – any platforms you’re using). And what’s even better is you can share these blog posts more than once – you actually SHOULD be sharing them more than once because the reality is only a small portion of your audience is seeing each individual social post of yours.

Also don’t forget if you’re regularly adding to your blog you are also regularly creating content to be sending out in your email marketing (newsletters) to your email list. So often business owners neglect their email list because they just don’t know what to email them about. Problem solved if you have new posts and content on the blog ready to go!

#2- It makes you seen as more of an expert in your field and shows credibility

There is only so much content we can share on our main core website pages. We have to be care not to overload visitors with information on those pages so they aren’t overwhelmed and distracted from taking the main action we want them to take (consult call, contact us, buy, etc).

This is why the BLOG is an awesome place to show off even more of your knowledge, experience and expertise.

Oftentimes we take for granted all the things we know, because it’s so easy and normal to us. But when we really dive into all our experience there are so many nuggets of knowledge that can be shared.

While you’re sharing more of your expertise you are also further serving your ideal client and building that like- know – trust factor.

#3- It gets more people to our website

What good does our website do if we aren’t sending people there regularly! And just remember – it if YOUR job as the business owner to be sending people there.

But what often happens is if we aren’t adding to our business’s blog we feel like we are running out of reasons to send people to our website. You might feel like “okay how many more times this week/month can I talk about my services?”… sound familiar?

But if you are adding to the blog you are constantly creating new reasons for someone to come to your website for the 1st time or to return again. Only a percentage of website visitors actually take action to contact us, buy from us or to sign up for our opt-ins – so to increase these numbers we need to increase the number of people coming there in the first place.

More website visitors = more chances of someone wanting to work with us, buy from us, or sign up for our email list!

#4- It improves your website’s SEO

Just in case you’re new to the term SEO, that stands for Search Optimization! Which basically means when you improve your website’s SEO you’re improving your chances of coming up in search engines like Google.

Search engines like to see more and more content on your website, especially when they contain keywords related to your industry and what you do. The more you focus on adding relevant content – AND incorporate keywords into your blog posts the more search engines will like you.

Something to know about SEO though – is it takes time. It’s really a compound effect of your regular efforts so it won’t be an immediate return. But your blogging efforts will continue to build and build upon each other over time.

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