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Creating a New Business? Focus on This First

I feel so fortunate I took the leap years ago – from 9-5 office job to start my own online business and work from wherever I chose. It’s what allowed me to follow my heart to Australia years ago without having to worry about “finding a job”.

But I know there are SO many of you out there who have been on the fence about taking that leap and launching that biz for a while now.

And I would bet you’re feeling a little like “WTF there’s so much to learn- where do I even start?”. 

Or maybe you’ve started the online business process but you’re still finding yourself feeling so stuck in those early stages. 

The universe may have just carved out the space for you to bring that idea of yours to life, FINALLY! All the times you were just too busy commuting to and from work, barely finding down time at home to work on it. Or maybe you’ve started but are hitting roadblocks – I am here to help!

So, I’m sharing the key areas you should focus on FIRST when creating your online business.

We want to create a BRAND – not just a business
A business is simply what you do/sell to generate money.
A brand builds connection. A brand is remembered. A brand is what lasts.

#1- Figure out exactly what you do and what you’re offering

  • Needs to be simple and clear what you do
  • Don’t try to do it all – too many options and too much info leads to confusion
  • You want to be seen as the expert in your field, not someone who knows something about a lot of different things
  • It’s okay to allow this to evolve overtime as you learn more about what you love doing

Unsure of what to offer? 

  • Think about what you catch yourself doing for fun or in your spare time
  • Is there something you notice people coming to you for help with?
  • Oftentimes we overlook out gifts bc they come so naturally to us – but as so valuable

#2- Decide who you want to serve & go deep

  • Stop trying to work with everyone
  • You need to be able to build a connection with them and understand them. How can you do this if your ideal client is everyone?
  • Dive in and discover what their true struggles are. What is holding them back. How does it make them feel?
  • Know what they are wanting. What is their ideal situation? What are they dreaming of in relation to what you’re offering?
  • The better you know your ideal client the faster you can connect with them

#3- How do you want to make others feel when they interact with you and your business?

  • This is the main question I focus on when it comes to branding
  • The feeling you want to evoke will influence your color choices, font selections and the entire look of your business
  • Consider where your client is at when they come to you and how they WANT to be feeling instead
  • What vibe do you want your brand to give off?

#4- Bring this all together visually.

  • The visuals are what attracts people to your business. Its what can make you stand out and what puts out that vibe you want to the world.
  • Now that we’ve build our foundation it’s time to create
  • Decide on your color palette, fonts, logo design, and visual imagery style. 
  • After this you’re ready to go into messaging and website design!

Still looking for a little bit of help with your branding? Grab my Branding Checklist to help you build a cohesive brand and attract your ideal clients!

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