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The 3 Things Your Creative Business Needs to Grow this Year

Where are my creative entrepreneurs at?

This episode has been created for those website designers, brand designers, photographers, copywriters and any other creative business owner who wants to grow your business this year. Whether that means getting consistent clients, hitting $10k months, six figures or whatever that goal looks like for you –  financial growth is going to require you to grow in other ways too.

Most of us have been there where we kind cap out in our business. Maybe we have been running most of the show by ourselves and it’s just not possible to add on more to our workload without burning  out. And even though you may be feeling a bit tight with time and energy, you still have those dreams of scaling your business, adding on products beyond services, or whatever else you’re imagining with your business this year.

Today I’m sharing with you three things that are extremely important that you’ll need in order to grow your creative business this year. This doesn’t mean just another strategy to attract more clients, or talking about how to be consistent. We’re going deeper in this episode below the surface.

#1- An Organized Process and Workflow

Part of growing your business is going to require you to hire help. Maybe you have your first assistant, you’ve never ever had help in your business, or you have help and it’s kind of feeling chaotic. With all of these situations an organized process and workflow with how you work with clients is going to be essential.

When your business is mainly just you running everything it can be easy to just kind of go with the flow with each client and not exactly have a system in place with how you work with them. When you start to bring on help having some type of process that other people can follow makes it so much easier to have help in your business. It makes it to where you can pass along instructions, maybe via a loom video or a written down process and someone can actually follow this process to help serve your clients. This also helps avoiding them having to come to you for every little tiny thing along the way… Which of course just goes against what we’re working to accomplish here.

#2- A Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is when you believe that your abilities, talents and intelligence can be developed over time. Examples of this would be believing that you can learn to do anything that you want to learn. You believe that challenges are there to learn from and help you grow. You believe that feedback is there to help and that it’s constructive. You are inspired by the success of others and enjoy trying new things.

The opposite of this would be a fixed mindset where you believe you’re either good at something or you’re not. You really don’t like being challenged because you have a bigger fear of failure. You can be really easily affected by any feedback where you take it personally. Someone who has a more fixed mindset tend to prefer to stick to what they know instead of being open to try new things. And when you are looking to grow your business it’s going to be all about trying new things overtime.

Having an abundant mindset is also really important. Abundance is more about always having more than you need. So not just having “enough” – we’re talking about MORE.

I love using the word overflow when I think of abundance. So an overflow of clients, an overflow of time opportunities and money.

If you’re always focused on just having enough, you will just have enough. Instead notice how expansive it feels to envision having an overflow in all the areas that you’re looking to grow.

Someone who has an abundant mindset tends to get inspired by other people success because they see it as an example of what’s possible for them vs competition. With an abundant mindset you’re also more likely to only say yes to aligned opportunities versus feeling like you need to take on any client that comes your way.

#3- A Deeper Understanding Of YOU as the Owner

It’s so important to understand that you are the energy of your business. When you better understand yourself – Your strengths, where you need to improve, how to best manage your energy, how to set up a schedule that best fits you, what your ALIGNED dreams and goals really are, what you’re afraid of, what your limiting beliefs are, what your beliefs are about money and getting support – and so many other areas that make up who you are… you’re able to set YOURSELF up for success in your business, and therefore set your business up for success.

Human Design is an incredible tool for really understanding yourself on a whole new level. I know when I discovered it and started diving in and learning, it was almost like this lightbulb turned on where everything seemed to make sense. It gave me this permission to be myself and set my business up according to my strengths and how I naturally am designed to be, instead of following how everyone else was doing things thinking that it would work for me too.
Human design can give you insights into how to manage your energy everyday in your business, how to sell in a way that attracts, how bring on support, how to know when enough is enough and you need to rest, how to decide what types of things you should be doing in your business, how to know when the right opportunities come along, how to make better decisions, and so much more.

Human Design is basically like this energetics map of how you operate, where you thrive, and where you are susceptible to being conditioned and pressured in. I know how valuable it is and this is why I choose to use human design when working with my coaching clients and in my Align & Amplify group program.

If you are looking for support and accountability with integrating all of these things within yourself and your business to create more growth this year, I would love to chat! I am taking on a very small number of private clients right now and will be re-launching the group Align and Amplify program soon. Go to to get on the waitlist for Align & Amplify and always feel free to reach out directly to me on Instagram too!

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