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5 Signs Your Travel Website Needs an Update

Today’s episode I’ve put together just for our travel industry women! We are in a brand new year and if your website is on your to do list at all this year, I wanted to point out a few signs that it might be ready to get your website live sooner than later.

These are actually some common mistakes that I see very often when clients are coming to grow us designer to have us launch a brand new site!

1: You Don’t Have a Live Website

I know this one seems pretty basic but the reality is so many people don’t even have a live website. Maybe you just never got around to launching it, maybe you only claimed the domain name and it’s showing a GoDaddy holding page, or maybe it’s been in process for WAY to long. No matter what the reason is, your website is basically your store front online, and your potential clients need to be able to find you online.

2: It’s Uninspiring & Outdated Looking

Be honest… are you embarrassed to show off your current website? When you’re not proud of your website your much less likely to show it off, which can be hurting your ability to grow your business and book more clients.

Maybe you’re still rocking that original site you created when you first launched you biz and times have changed! OR maybe you were just never that fond of it to begin with.

Your website should inspire potential clients to get out there and see the world again. It should have stunning travel photography, be mobile friendly (half your visitors are probably on their phones!) and look beautiful.

3: There are Way Too Many Pages

This is a common mistake we see travel advisors make when they come to us to redo their website. There are too many pages (hello dropdown menus!) and its easy for visitors to get lost in information overload. And isn’t that one of the reasons they come to you in the first place for help- because their overwhelmed with all the options and info?

Your website should be easy to navigate! Let’s make this simple for your potential clients to learn about you, what your services are, why you’re the right fit and to contact you asap- with inspiring travel ideas sprinkled throughout.

4: It’s Not Setup Strategically to Grow Your Business

I have something to break to you… people aren’t really THAT interested in your newsletter. I know it’s probably amazing and packed full of insights and goodies. Still the reality is someone is way more likely to offer up their email address for something of immediate value (a free resource of some kind) vs. a general newsletter.

If your website isnt setup to promote your free opt-in offer throughout your site, you could be missing an opportunity to grow your email list (a must in the online business space!)

5: It’s Not Up to Date or Relevant

This last sign is more about the information and message on your website and less about the design which sign 2 was focused on.

Is the messaging on your site relevant to today’s world of traveling and the services you now offer?

Ready to step it up and get your website live and looking amazing to grow your business this year?

At girlbossdesigner the travel industry is our specialty when it comes to website design!

We have a few different options to meet you where you’re at in your journey, including our DIY style Showit Website templates (designed exclusively for travel advisors to make it even easier for you) -AND our services where we do all the work to launch that gorgeous website for you.

Go to to shop the templates and to learn about our services and get on our client list for 2022!

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