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Your Guide to Naming Your Business

Naming your business can feel like one of the hardest steps in the whole process of creating and launching your brand! You may feel like you’re going in circles and getting nowhere, and it can be so frustrating! I’ve been there, done that. I’m going to break down the key components to consider when creating an impactful and successful business name.

This is a topic I talk about pretty often since many of our clients at Girlboss Designer are creating new businesses. We’ve covered using your name vs. a new name, trademarks, URLS, social handles and more in this episode!

Also, I’ve created a free Name Your Business Cheatsheet to go along with this episode! Go to  to grab your quick and easy copy of everything we’re chatting today.

#1- Using your name vs. coming up with a new name

PROS of using your name:

  • It’s timeless
  • You can do anything with the business under your name – you’re not creating a box for yourself
  • It can evolve and grow overtime with you
  • It can be easier since you don’t have to come up with something new!

CONS of using your name:

  • You may potentially have a difficult to spell name – you could consider abbreviating or shortening it in some way
  • The focus is on YOU – this may or a pro or con depending on how you want to approach your business

PROS of coming up with a new name:

  • You can choose a name that creates more meaning and connection(you can add a tagline though to your name to create this too if you choose to brand with your name)
  • The brand exists outside of you (you’re not the focus)

CONS of coming up with a new name:

  • It can take more time
  • It could potentially create limitations in the future
  • You could potentially feel like you outgrow it later on

#2- Your business name should be relatively easy to spell and say

  • You want to avoid having to explain your name all the time
  • Mid length to shorter is better (avoid really long names if possible)
  • It should feel easy and natural to say – practice saying it out loud

#3- Avoid trademark conflicts or confusion with other “competition”

  • Choose a name that is not already being used in your same industry
  • If you can swing it – do a trademark search to make sure it’s not already taken
  • Consider trademarking your name

#4- Make sure you can get a URL that makes sense

  • The .com’s are a hot commodity these days!
  • If you can’t get a .com, there are other common options (I like .co personally)
  • Make sure there isn’t someone already using your .com that would be seen as a competitor

HOT TOP: Create a big brain dump word list to play with if you’re coming up with a new name vs. using your own name

  • Making a big list creates less pressure
  • You’re not coming up the the exact name yet, just playing with words
  • I like to use Power Thesaurus to help me discover related words I haven’t thought about yet
  • Write down adjectives, keywords, feelings = anything related to your industry, focus, specialty and passions

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