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Top Website Homepage Do’s and Don’ts

The homepage is often people’s first impression of you and your business when they come to your website. On the homepage you only really have a few seconds to hopefully spark some interest and keep them looking further – vs. going elsewhere never to return.

In this podcast episode I’m talking you through the top Do’s and Don’ts for your website’s homepage, so you can attract your ideal clients and spark their interest to take action!


DO: Be super clear about what you do and who it’s for, immediately

Catchy taglines are fun, but clarity beats creativity every day when it comes to the introduction of your website. The hero area above the fold – the part of the homepage at the top that people can see without yet having to scroll – is the prime location to let them know clearly what you’re offering and who it’s meant for.

This lets them know YES this could be for me… or nope, not what I’m looking for. The purpose of your website is to bring in the right kind of people, not everyone, so feel free to get specific with it here!

DO: Capture visitors email through opt-ins

As I am sure you already know, having some kind of opt-in or freebie on your website helps to build your email list so you can continue to nurture the relationship beyond when someone leaves your website. Email marketing is also an incredible tool to booking clients and selling products/programs – so it should be a priority!

Because of this, your homepage is the perfect place to begin that relationship. I usually advise having a pop up (even if you’re rolling your eyes because you hate pop ups, they do work!), as well as a place within the homepage promoting your opt-in/freebie. This way if someone does exit the pop up without paying attention, there is still that other place on the homepage to gather their email in exchange for something valuable they’re wanting.

Feeling stuck at what to offer as your free opt-in? Check out episode 37 on this podcast, Traits of a Well Crafted Free Opt-in for some extra guidance there!

DO: Find a happy balance for the length of your writing

Basically you want to have enough writing on your homepage to gain people’s interest and have lean in and click for more – but without going overboard with super long paragraphs that make someone want to skip over it all because it feels too overwhelming.

Realize that people are most likely skimming your homepage at first so keeping things a bit shorter and to the point is more ideal. You can go into more depth on each of your topics in the internal pages of your website.

DO: Prioritize what actions you want them to take most

If someone took 1 action on your website – what would it be? This could be to fill out your inquiry form, book an appointment, opt-in for a freebie, buy a product. It will be different for each type of business, but either way you want it to be very easy to take this action sooner than later on your homepage. Your ideal client shouldn’t have to scroll a lot to be able to take this action, it should be front and center.

Most times your website will have multiple priorities and actions you’re wanting someone to potentially take. You can showcase all of these on the homepage, just make sure the most important ones come first.


DON’T: Have text that is illegible or difficult to read

This can come down to either your font choices – or how you’re layering text with background colors and images. While fancy fonts can be fun, anything too swirly, scripty, or thin should be used more minimally throughout the website. The brand fonts you’re using should be easy to read – because if no one can read what it says – what’s the point?!

When it comes to layering your text on top of other background colors or images just make sure there is enough contrast so it’s legible. Light text on a light background, or dark text on a dark background is a no no. Also placing text on top of busy images should be avoided so you can actually read what it says.

DON’T: Ignore the importance of the writing

I’ve seen this pattern happen many times when we are redoing a client’s existing website with Girlboss Designer, where the words on the homepage (and usually most of the site!) have been quickly thrown in there without much thought, or there is barely any messaging at all!

The words matter on the homepage and throughout your entire website. If writing your website words feels way too out of your element or overwhelming- consider hiring a copywriter! It will be worth the investment AND you can reuse that writing elsewhere in your marketing (in emails, social posts, etc).

DON’T: Make it difficult for people to take the action you want

If someone is having to scroll all the way down your homepage to take action and have a button to click, you’re making them work too hard. Having to scroll too far before taking action creates more opportunities for them to get distracted and leave.

Make sure your main call to actions and free opt-ins are easily accessible sooner than later!

DON’T: Make this all about you

Unless you’re creating a website that is a biography about you (which I doubt your website is!) then your website should be focused on your ideal client, and not all about you.

Definitely create a place to introduce yourself and include a picture so people can put a face to your name/brand (creating more of a connection) – just remember the focus should be on how you help THEM – not your life’s story.

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