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Top Tips for a Smooth Website Creation

So you’re so ready to get that website launched ASAP? After working with hundreds of clients with Girlboss a Designer, this is usually the timeline people put in their inquiry form. And while of course, we want that website live sooner than later, we also wanna make sure that the process goes a lot more smoothly for you and for it to feel more enjoyable.

Here are our top three tips for making the process faster, easier, and just better overall.

TIP #1 – Plan Ahead!

This is another big one that easily gets overlooked! Often times people are wanting to dive into their website when they want it launched quickly. Instead of taking the time to plan ahead, which will allow the process to be much more enjoyable. Planning ahead could be getting started on your prep work, choosing your template, deciding on a designer you will work with and reserving your spot. The further you can plan ahead, the more you’re able to take the prep work at a steady pace and the end result will be so much better.

TIP #2 – Do the Proper Planning & Prep Work

While it seems counterintuitive to spend more time on the prep work without actually creating the website yet, slowing down to do this part right will allow the actual creation of the website to be so much faster and smooth. Many people will skip the planning and prep work and jump right into creation mode, and the result is a website that gets stalled out on for way too long because they didn’t. have the essential pieces together first.  Your prep work includes things like putting together the writing for your website, designing your branding (logo, colors, fonts), collecting images, planning your website goals, deciding how you want to handle email marketing and potentially a blog. When we work with clients we have a detailed onboarding process that walks them through step-by-step each of these important areas as we are preparing for their project.

TIP #3 – Choose a Template, or Hire a Designer, with a Style You Already Love

I see clients coming to us to do their website that I have made this mistake in the past. They go with someone if they happen to know that does websites, without knowing if their style of design matches the style that they are after. Or if they are going the DIY route they choose a random template, and then try to turn it into something completely different, versus starting with a template that is their style from the beginning. Choosing a template or designer that already has their desired style in mind, makes everything so much easier and allows their vision to come through faster.

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