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Choosing Your Niche Market

Choosing a Niche market in business is essential for standing out in the crowd, and for making it clear to others what you do and who you work with.

Another huge benefit of getting more specific with your Niche is it will add so much more depth and content to your messaging! And the more connection we can create with our ideal clients, the more they will trust us and be more likely to take action in working with us or making a purchase.

In this episode I’m giving you the rundown of what you need to consider when choosing your niche market.

Different Types of Niches We Will Cover Today:

  • Your Offer Niche: WHAT you do
  • Your Ideal Client Niche: WHO you work with

So how niche do you niche?

When you’re in the very early stage of your business you may go a little bit more broad to gain experience working with people and learn more about what you like to do and who you like to work with. Avoid going TOO board though! Speaking to everyone means speaking to no one. Remember a lot of clarity will come through the most you work with people. Feel free to refine overtime when you notice what works and doesn’t work.

Your Service/Speciality Niche:

This part of your niche is all about WHAT you do and what your focus is. This could be what services you offer (ex: branding, website design, travel planning, coaching) and/or what products you offer (ex: templates, courses, physical products)

You can also take it a step further and have a more niches speciality  – for example:

  • Business coaching vs. general coaching
  • Showit website design vs. general website design
  • FIT itinerary planning vs. general travel planning services

REMEMBER: Offer what you like to do, what will provide the income you want, and what you have experience in or want to continue to gain experience in

Ideal Client Niche:

This part of your niche is all about WHO specifically you are working with. The more specific you can be here, the better messaging you’re able to create in your marketing that will connect with people. And the more you can connect with people and clearly communicate with them – the more likely they are to take action in working with you.

Consider these questions when creating your ideal client:

Do they work within a certain profession or have a certain type of business?

  • Ex: We work with a lot of people with travel and coaching businesses)
  • More Ex: stay-at-home moms, bloggers, photographers

Do they work within a certain industry?

  • Ex: Wellness, Wedding, Beauty

Has a specific level of experience with this

  • Ex: New/beginner – or established

Is at an income level and/or level they are looking to invest

  • Ex: budget, mid range, luxury

Is in a specific phase of their life that they’re in?

  • Ex: Empty nester, new parent, single, newlywed

Is your business location dependent and your ideal client would be in living in a certain place?

  • Ex: in person services or even focusing it down to a country

What are there values and what’s important to them?

  • Ex: Organic, sustainability, efficiency, aesthetics,

If you’ve already been working with clients and haven’t really defined your niche – review your experience and consider:

  • Who have I loved working with and why
  • Who have I not loved work with and why

Remember: This can and oftentimes WILL evolve overtime! Experience brings clarity.

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