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I’m an intuitive business coach, podcast host, and owner of Girlboss Designer – a branding + web design agency serving women entrepreneurs.




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Boundaries You Need for Less Stress + More Ease in Business

Boundaries can feel like a tricky thing to put into place in your business. We don’t want to come across as being rude or overly strict – but what’s so important to realize is boundaries are there to support everyone involved. They’re there to allow you as the business over to run your business in an effective, efficient and stress-free manner. They’re there for your team and your clients so everyone knows what expected of them and have clarity with their part of the process. It’s a win-win in the end, but for some of us it may take longer to realize the importance of boundaries and implement them into our business than others.

For me, I learned most of what I’ll be sharing with you the HARD way while growing my business! I just didn’t realize I needed them.

I was figuring this whole online business thing out on my own along the way – and no one had told me boundaries was something I needed. Until… my client timelines were all over the place. I was doing extra work for free instead of charging. I was struggling to manage the business’s income in a way that made sense because payments were happening at random. I was feeling pressure to be locked to my computer and available to others all the time.

Once I began implementing more boundaries within my business things started to feel so much easier and more clear. The whole way I was operating and felt in my business on the day to day completely changed. Less stress and more ease FOR SURE – and nowadays I am all about having some boundaries.

In this episode I will be sharing some of the most important boundaries I’ve implemented in my business. With the web design + branding side of things with Girlboss Designer, as well as the coaching side with the Kristin Richards brand. While the tips I’ll be sharing are more geared toward someone with a service-based business – they can be applied to so many more business types.

Here’s a peek into what types of boundaries we’ll be covering in the episode:

Client Expectations & Boundaries

  • Clearly communicating what’s expected from the client when working together
  • Holding them accountable to follow through on things
  • Honoring what’s included in your package
  • Honoring payment schedules


  • When and how will you communicate with your clients and team
  • HOW – email, calls, Voxer, text
  • WHEN – days of the week, hours, response time

Work Time & Personal Time

  • Partly tied to communication – when will you be assessable to others
  • Also giving yourself the space to disconnect from work – on weekends, evenings etc
  • Create space in your schedule to be the CEO of your business

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