Deep Dive Session


While each client's journey is unique and different, here are some of the topics that may come up during our session:

Choosing Your Aligned Niche

Creating Service + Program Packages

Pricing Your Offerings

Setting Client Boundaries

Business Systems & Flow

Marketing Your Business Online

Outsourcing + Hiring a Team


What Alignment Means for You

Establishing Abundant Money Beliefs

Using Law of Attraction to Your Benefit

Manifesting What You Want

Receiving & Allowing Support

Connecting to Your Intuition + Higher Self

Self Worth & Belief


You are a natural and I got so much out of your session. You helped to bring to the surface what I have been feeling for so long regarding my career and a possible new path.  Thank you for guiding me to open the door to see where my passions really are. :) 

"Your open and generous spirit removed the stress and gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith and enjoy the ride." 

- Kim

$333 USD

1x 90 Minute Coaching + Consulting Zoom Session

Access to the Recording of Our Session

Action Steps For Moving Forward

2 Days of Voxer Support After Our Call


Investment & What You Get

Looking for more on-going coaching support?

Align & Amplify


My 3-month coaching program to create an abundant business + mindset, with more flow and less hustle.

It's time to reclaim your power, set yourself up to THRIVE in your business and attract your success.