Pinterest Boss

Automate Pinterest for your business so you can boost those website visitors and start booking more clients in no time.

Your secret biz weapon for more visibility online.

And I'm sure you ALSO have heard over and over again that social media is a key ingredient of marketing yourself online.

So many things to do... and so little time. Does anyone else feel me on this one?

If you're an online girlboss biz owner 

You already know it's your job to actually get people to your website.

Pinterest is not just a social platform for pinning recipes and outfit ideas.

But here’s something you might not know…

Pinterest can bring in some major traffic to your website.
Pinterest acts like a visual search engine and can bring in more visitors and 

Pinterest can give you a competitive edge in your industry.
So many business owners don't realize the benefits of this incredible platform for their business which means by using it right you're tapping into an entire new audience.

Automating Pinterest is SO much easier than managing those other social platforms.
No more worrying about coming up with catchy captions or sitting there wondering what in the world you're going to say today. Pinterest works differently.

I've got a few secrets to share...

Utilizing Pinterest for your business doesn't require you coming up with those catchy image captions you spend forever coming up with on the other social platforms.

There are scheduling platforms out there that can make managing Pinterest so must faster and easier to where you can spend 2 hours A MONTH managing this for your business.

Pinterest can be your secret weapon for getting more visitors to your website on the regular.

Pinterest Boss

Automate Pinterest for your business so you can boost those website visitors and start booking more clients in no time.

Your secret biz weapon for more visibility online.

hey lady

I help brave girlbosses look fabulous online and have clients flowing in, so they can make an incredible living from anywhere in the world doing what they love.

For years Pinterest was just simply a collection of things I liked: home decor, outfits, recipes, workout routines I'd never actually try. But when I implemented the business strategies I'm going share with you Pinterest became my #1 website traffic referrer and client booking driver. 

And some of the best parts about using this platform for your business is it requires no catchy captions, your follower #'s really don't matter, and it requires SO much less time than you think.

So what are you waiting for?

I'm kristin

Let me help you cut through the confusion and set this up right.

Marketing is key to bringing in more clients & increasing your income. 

Because here's the thing...

• How Pinterest REALLY works (no it's not just for inspiration and fun!)
• The impact it can have on your website traffic & client bookings
• How to setup your Pinterest profile bio for success
• How to organize your Pinterest boards
• What Group Boards are and why you should consider using them

PRINTABLE: The Pinterest Profile Cheatsheet

Pinterest for Business 101 & Profile Makeover


All modules are designed to build upon one another, making the process even easier for you to digest & implement along the way.

• Why evergreen content is PERFECT for Pinterest
• What is evergreen content and how does this relate to your business so you know what stuff to pin
• Examples of topics and types of pins to create for Pinterest
• Best practices for using Pinterest for your business & what makes a pin good pin
• How to setup your Pin description for success

PRINTABLE: The Pinterest Pin Creation Cheatsheet

• Why Tailwind is the platform you should be using to automate and schedule out your Pinterest accound
• How this platform can save you so much time each month
• How to use the platform by joining me on a video walk through of my own Tailwind Account

Using Tailwind to Automate Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest Boss

Get 12 designer Pinterest pin Canva templates!

Don't forget the Bonus!

Beautiful Pinterest pin templates ready to customize for your business. Simply swap out colors, fonts and images to match your branding, change the message and you're ready to go!

You may be wondering...

Do I need to have a separate business account from my personal account?
This is really up to you! I personally chose to have just 1 account. To streamline you could consider turning your personal account into a business account and making any non-business related Pinterest boards private. This is how I have my account setup.

What if I've never used Pinterest before?
It's totally fine! Like anything with starting and growing your business there are always new things to learn. To schedule and automate your Pinterest you will be spending more time in the scheduler app Tailwind vs. Pinterest anyways.

Do you offer payment plans?
YES! You can select the pay in 2 smaller payments if you don't wish to pay in full.

When do I get access to the lessons?
You can instant access!

How long will I have access to this course?
For life! You can jump right into the lessons or take your time because you have no expiration date on your access.